Verónica Ocampo

Verónica Ocampo

Personal Development

Verónica Ocampo is a Mexican woman, currently dedicated to therapeutic accompaniment through different tools such as: Family constellations, Circular therapeutic breathing (base of holotropic breathing), Bioenergetics and medicine of the earth.

From the age of 16 she began this study in ancestral medicine through massage and temazcal, preparing herself in this area and studying loving and subtle healing methods such as Bach flowers, bioenergetic massage and reiki.

On her path she received the sacred fire of a lineage of women bearers of ancestral wisdom that led to an immersion in the medicine of cacao and the 4 elements.

She currently lives in Playa del Carmen and is dedicated to creating collective spaces for healing and transformation based on ceremonial processes with Cacao, Temazcal, circular breathing (base of holotropic breathing) and family constellations.