There's nothing too complicated about meditation, yoga, and delicious food on the beach, but if you still have questions, just email us at

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We see Wanderlust Palmaïa as a particularly intimate Wanderlust Festival with a big focus on chill.

The big chill comes in part from our programming, which includes a wide range of experts and practices with experience in rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. Even the music, which spans beautiful sound baths and vintage downtempo DJs, is designed to support the vibe. 

Supporting our programming is the amazing Palmaïa resort itself. Build from the ground up around diverse wellness practices and experiences, the resort is a true jungle sanctuary for your jangling nerves.

We looking forward to seeing you on the Maya Riviera.

The best place to learn about the many facets of Palmaïa—and there are too many to list here—is on the resort's website, the We encourage you to start with Palmaïa's mission

Wanderlust has been hosted by many resorts, all of which have offered a canvas of incredible natural beauty on which to play. Palmaïa is no exception, with unspoiled beaches abutting miles of untouched jungle. 

What sets it apart is its intention—fostering the health and well-being of its guests through experts, experiences and practices. From delectable plant-based cuisine to the integration of authentic Mayan rituals, it offers a unique pedestal for Wanderlust's talent and vision.

Wanderlust Palmaïa is an all-inclusive event, with nearly everything you could possibly desire already included. There's no ticket to buy, either, as that's already included with your suite purchase. Every guest will receive: 

  • Lodging starting December 6, 2023, with checkout on December 10, 2023. 
  • Access to all activities and venues. Activities start Thursday, December 7 and continue through Sunday, December 10. 
  • Premium lodging during the event, including the resort's Nomadic Guides concierge service. You'll choose your suite type at purchase.
  • Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. All meals are plant-based, but guests may request an ocean-based protein if desired. Alcoholic beverages are also included, for those who imbibe.

Other resort amenities that are included for all guests include:

  • Eolo Beach Club & Premium Bar
  • Atlas Club Lounge
  • Platissa Health Café & Juice Bar
  • Premium Domestic & International Beverages
  • Kid’s Center & Waldorf-Inspired Activities
  • Jungle Gym & Fitness Center
  • Pool & Beachside Service
  • Bike Sharing Service
  • Stand-Up Paddle Boards
  • Fiber-Optic Wi-Fi
  • Valet Parking

You'll be responsible for your own airfare, but ground transport to and from Cancun airport is available for purchase. The resort also offers an incredible selection of services at the Atlantis Spa for separate purchase, some of which are available on our website for convenience.

Yes, by all means. Wanderlust is one of the world's most family-friendly festivals, with a conscious community, a gentle, nurturing vibe, and beautiful natural landscapes for kids to enjoy. 

For its part, Palmaïa is designed to accommodate families. For kids three and older, Palmaïa offers Waldorf-inspired day care for no extra charge.

We offer family packages in rooms with bunk beds. All rooms with "Family" in the title are priced for two adults plus one, two, or three children (you choose the size of your party at checkout).

Children and teens (meaning anyone under 17) are free to attend classes, talks and events at no charge, and their resort charges are discounted as well. We'll just trust you to ensure that they don't disrupt anyone's savasana. Teens 17 and older will need to have a full adult ticket to attend.

If you plan on coming alone with your children (meaning one adult in a room with one or more kids or teens), please email us at so we can provide you with customized pricing.

Travel is remarkably easy. Book your flights to/from Cancun airport, which offers affordable direct connections to most major cities.

There are a number of shuttles from Cancun airport to Playa del Carmen, but we recommend reserving  transport through the resort. The price is $170 one-way, $320 return, flat for up to five passengers. The resort uses new Suburbans, so there's plenty of room.

To reserve a car, email or call +1.863.485.8268.

Check-in for Wanderlust Palmaïa is at 3pm on Wednesday, December 6. 

Checkout is noon on Sunday, December 10. 

To accommodate various flights, headliner programming for the event will end by 1pm on Sunday, but we likely will offer some programming until 3pm or so. We will confirm this once the schedule is published in September.

You will be able to leave your bags with the concierge if your flight leaves after checkout. 

We will release the complete schedule in early September, 2023. In the meantime, here's what you might expect from a sample day. 

Your day might begin shortly after sunrise, as wake to the sounds of surf and jungle — parrots, monkeys and other wildlife abound at the resort. If you like to breakfast before practice, you'd visit one of Palmaïa's three restaurants for an included plant-based nosh (non-vegan options are available on request) and jolt of caffeine. Otherwise, you can proceed to one of a number of available activities, such as pranayama, yoga, beach walks, or meditation. As with all Wanderlust events, you can choose your own schedule in advance or just go with the flow. 

We'll offer two sessions in the morning before lunch, generally at 8am and 10am, and then we'll gather for a relaxed lunch. Lunch might be accompanied by an acoustic performance, or maybe an educational talk — but there will always be something for the mind or senses.

After lunch, we'll leave some time to enjoy the pools, oceans, or maybe spend some time enjoying some bodywork or therapy at Palmaïa's legendary Atlantis spa. 

Activities will resume for a 1pm and 3pm session. You may need a break from sun & sweat by then, which makes the afternoon perfect for talks or pop-up musical performances. 

Evenings at Wanderlust will feature communal dining and live music, ranging from intimate sound baths to DJ-fueled dance parties under the stars. And after a good night's sleep in one of the resort's luxurious beds, you'll be ready to do it all over again.

No, not if you're from the United States, Canada, or most European countries. If you are from elsewhere, please check this list of countries which do not require a visa to enter Mexico.

You won't need any cash at Palmaïa, as the resort is all-inclusive except for spa treatments, and those will be charged to your booking credit card. 

If you book your ground transport through the resort, that will be charged to your card as well. 

If you do want local currency, you can exchange currency at the airport or simply use an ATM to withdraw pesos.