Ramiro Curvelo

Ramiro Curvelo

Music & Arts

Ram is a multifaceted artist of the world who stands out for his versatility as an athlete, musician, and collaborator in various initiatives. He is a multi-instrumentalist, proficient in bass, sitar, and other string instruments, as well as ethnic flutes and a wide range of percussion instruments such as tabla, daf, and bendir, among others.

Capable of interpreting a wide variety of musical styles, including healing frequency sounds (known as musical medicine), fusions such as kirtan and mantra, reggae, rock, ska, samba reggae, and meditative music like sound journeys. Ram is an expert in many yoga traditions, such as Hatha, Acro, Ashtanga, Kundalini, Kid yoga, and others. He has studied and practiced with many yoga teachers, among the most recognized as Gannon, Wayne Krasner & John Scott.

Over the past fifteen years, he has been studying with various experts in meditation, music therapy, and sound therapy, which has allowed him to become a specialist in the field of sound healing. Additionally, he is an initiator of religious and spiritual rites involving sacred plants. He has studied at the Spanish Institute of Sound Therapy, and has participated in workshops with renowned personalities such as Tito La Rosa and istan Sky, but his true knowledge as a sound therapist has been acquired throughout his life through self-tea-ching. This has enabled hir to apply his knowledge and skills to help people heal through music and sound.

Ram is a complete artist who combines his love for music with his passion for well-being and healing. His innovative and diverse approach establishes him as a prominent figure in the field of sound healing and serves as an inspiration for those seeking to utilize music as a therapeutic tool.