Murray Hidary

Murray Hidary

Music & Arts

MindTravel is an immersive experience where music and mindfulness meet. Through music, the language of emotion, creator and composer Murray Hidary seeks to open the heart to healing and transformation with his evocative, live-piano compositions. Recently, the music of MindTravel has also served to bring awareness and a call to action on issues like social justice and climate change.

Hidary has brought MindTravel to iconic theaters and spectacular outdoor venues in over 100 cities the world over. From the deserts of the Middle East to the first-ever piano concert on the continent of Antarctica, Hidary seeks to bridge gaps in understanding through the universal language of music.

Murray Hidary is also an entrepreneur and tech pioneer and in the early days of the Internet co-founded and built companies including EarthWeb, Dice Inc, Vista Research and eBillity. Today, he is focused on the human experience and, through MindTravel, helps people better connect with themselves and one another.

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