Aurora Forteza

Aurora Forteza


Vipassana meditation saved my life: after a 10-day silent retreat and having finally connected with my true essence, took a 360° turn. Retreat after retreat, I began to understand that the deep understanding about how the mind and the breath would be the core of all the practices that I was about to share. The following years I dedicated myself to study the complex relationship between mind and matter, emotions and behaviors , energy and health.

From 500h yoga teacher training, to traditional Mayan teachings, passing through energy reading techniques, psychotherapy, inner child work and multidimensional healing lessons, a journey of 16 years has led me to be the teacher that I am today.

Currently, as a Holistic guide, being a light channel for the path back to our true essence, makes me feel that I am fulfilling my dharma on earth, grateful & honored to be at service of the human tribe.

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